NELLY'S FOOTBALL: 20-6 NFL PLAYOFF RUN: We are 6-2 in College Top Plays this season, on a 46-29 run the last 8 seasons after winning our 3* Bowl Game of the Year with an outright upset. Nelly's is on an 19-12 overall NFL run! We went 19-8 the past two seasons in bowl picks and going 4-0 in 2* & 3* picks this bowl season! Our NFL Playoff run is at 20-6 the past three+ seasons after splitting Saturday - don't miss Sunday's PLAYOFF PICK with guaranteed 2* play Sunday! 


NELLY'S GREEN SHEET: Rating 5 Keys are 20-11 on the season NCAA & NFL combined! ISSUE 24 is out this week for the Divisional Round weekend. NFL PLAYOFF SIDES ARE 28-10 the past 3+ seasons!


NELLY'S BASKETBALL20-10 NCAA RUN! We finished 30 games above .500 in the college basketball regular season in 2015-16! We are currently 20-10 our last 30 in college basketball. Last January we went 25-13 in college basketball picks - sign up for the rest of the month for $149! 8-2 OUR LAST 10 HOOPS PICKS! 2-for-1 Sunday -  $15


Selections are also available from our four FEATURED HANDICAPPERS:



BIG E SPORTS TICKET: 25* NFL  PLAYOFF GAME OF THE YEAR TODAY! College Hoops Picks are being posted daily with the Big E featuring a 13-0 run in early December. 5-1 Basketball Run with two 20* picks! Consider playing for his combined football & basketball weekly package for $99.94! Big E is 48-31 all-time in NFL Playoff picks - his 25* NFL Playoff Game of the Year is ahead this week - 3-0 in 25* picks this football season!  25* NFL PLAYOFF GAME OF THE YEAR -  $49.94!



BOBBY DALTON: 38-20 Basketball RUN:, 4-1 NFL Playoff Start! Dalton is on a 36-20 NFL Best Bet run - and he went 2-0 in the NFL Playoffs Saturday! Guaranteed 10* TOTAL Sunday in the NFL - $24.99! Dalton is also on a 13-7 NBA run and a 24-11 NCAA Basketball run! Dalton has been profitable seven of the last eight weeks in college basketball! Dalton went 9-4 in the NFL Playoffs last season, he is 4-1 this year! Guaranteed 10* Sunday - $24.99!



POINT TRAIN: 15-6 NFL RUN: Point Train has had back-to-back profitable seasons and he is heating up in his big Plays!  College Hoops Sunday - $19.99! Point Train cashed in Sunday night in Week 17 with the Packers for a huge 8-unit winner.  NFL DIVISIONAL PICK - $19.99!



MAXIMUM SPORTS: 11-2 NFL PLAYOFF RUN - 5-1 Hoops Saturday! Maximum has turned in a strong NCAA run since October 1st, going 45-33 in NCAA selections including 4-0 in 10* & 15* picks! Maximum has also started his Wednesday/Saturday NCAA basketball service and he was masterful in the NFL Playoffs last season going 8-1 and now 3-1 this season so far! NFL Saturday/Sunday 2/3 NFL - $30! Maximum also went 5-1 in college basketball Saturday!



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