Each handicapper submits two selections each week, a single 1-point play and a double 2-point play. Each contestant is awarded points for losses and eliminated at 10 points.

Congratulations to our recent champions:

  • 2017: Scott Rickenbach
  • 2016: James Patrick Sports
  • 2015: Hot Picks Just In
  • 2014: Marc Lawrence
  • 2013: Maximum Sports
  • 2012: JB Sports
  • 2011: Weekly Wizard
  • 2010: K&B Sports
  • 2009: K&B Sports
  • 2008: Weekly Wizard
  • 2007: Steve Merril

The 2018 Eliminator Contest has started  – look for the weekly reports to be posted Thursday afternoons. Check the standings on this page with 18 national handicappers competing for the title! 

CLICK HERE for the Week 10 Standings & Single Plays!



The 2018 Field:

Hot Picks Just In HotPicksJustIn@gmail.com

Bobby Dalton www.nellysports.com/bobby-dalton/

Fairway Jay www.VegasSportsZone.com

Larry Thompson, Jr. www.hammerthebook.com 706-332-0035

Point Train  www.nellysports.com/point-train-sports/ 800-336-3559

Billy Coleman www.billycolemansports.net 440-829-9876

ASA  www.ASAwins.com 1.888.272.1098

James Patrick Sports www.jamespatricksports.com/ 1-216-926-8135

Weekly Wizard (253) 566-8622

Marc Lawrence www.playbook.com/

Big E Sports Ticket www.nellysports.com/big-e-sports-ticket/ 800-336-3559

Rocketman Sports  www.rocketmansports.net 843-307-1814

Maximum Sports www.nellysports.com/maximum-sports/ 800-336-3559

Scott Rickenbach www.asawins.com/new/experts/scott-rickenbach

Steve Merril www.ProSportsInfo.com 1-800-550-9874

Victor King www.playbook.com/

BB Documented Plays www.theswami.com    www.sportswatchmonitor.com

DR Sports


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