Each handicapper submits two selections each week, a single 1-point play and a double 2-point play. Each contestant is awarded points for losses and eliminated at 10 points.

Congratulations to our recent champions:

  • 2017: Scott Rickenbach
  • 2016: James Patrick Sports
  • 2015: Hot Picks Just In
  • 2014: Marc Lawrence
  • 2013: Maximum Sports
  • 2012: JB Sports
  • 2011: Weekly Wizard
  • 2010: K&B Sports
  • 2009: K&B Sports
  • 2008: Weekly Wizard
  • 2007: Steve Merril

The 2018 Eliminator Contest has started  – look for the weekly reports to be posted Thursday afternoons. Check the standings on this page with 18 national handicappers competing for the title! 

CLICK HERE for the 2018 Week 2 Contest Single Plays!


The 2018 Field:

Hot Picks Just In HotPicksJustIn@gmail.com

Bobby Dalton www.nellysports.com/bobby-dalton/

Fairway Jay www.VegasSportsZone.com

Larry Thompson, Jr. www.hammerthebook.com 706-332-0035

Point Train  www.nellysports.com/point-train-sports/ 800-336-3559

Billy Coleman www.billycolemansports.net 440-829-9876

ASA  www.ASAwins.com 1.888.272.1098

James Patrick Sports www.jamespatricksports.com/ 1-216-926-8135

Weekly Wizard (253) 566-8622

Marc Lawrence www.playbook.com/

Big E Sports Ticket www.nellysports.com/big-e-sports-ticket/ 800-336-3559

Rocketman Sports  www.rocketmansports.net 843-307-1814

Maximum Sports www.nellysports.com/maximum-sports/ 800-336-3559

Scott Rickenbach www.asawins.com/new/experts/scott-rickenbach

Steve Merril www.ProSportsInfo.com 1-800-550-9874

Victor King www.playbook.com/

BB Documented Plays www.theswami.com    www.sportswatchmonitor.com

DR Sports


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