*Nelly’s NBA Playoff Package



Nelly’s went 35-19 in March and we have hit 60% in the NCAA Tournament! We’ve fared even better in the NBA this season riding a 16-3 run to close the regular season! 

Nelly’s posted a 63.1% regular season in pro basketball and an over 30* profit basketball season overall in 2017-18, we’re on a similar pace in 2018-19 as Nelly’s Basketball is on a 126-81, nearly 62% run since December 6 including riding a current 47-25 run in the NBA plus a 73-52 run in college basketball, picking up nearly 40* in that span while going 35-19 in March, including 3-0 on top plays!

We are 35-15-1 the past 20 Saturdays and we are now 77 games above .500 in college basketball the past four seasons, while hitting 83% on Top Plays. We have posted some of the absolute best numbers in the nation at the SWM in Win Percentage and ROI in BOTH college basketball and NBA selections. We only play a few NBA games each week but are on a 27-16 run since early February including going 9-0 in March. 

Nelly’s is now 34-17 in NCAA Tournament picks the past three seasons, going 10-6 this season! 

Get all basketball picks through the NBA Finals in late June with this subscription offer!